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All-Stars and TOC

Spring 2017


Congratulations to this year’s 2017 Mangers for all the time and effort they invest into Park View Little.
2017 All Star and TOC Managers
  1. Juniors All-Stars - Johnny Fuentes
  2. 12u All-Stars - Kevin Rudden
  3. 11u All-Stars - Wil Bleisch
  4. 10u All-Stars - Carlos Medina
  5. Majors TOC – Dennis Diaz (Padres)
  6. Minors TOC - Oscar Cordero
  7. 8u TOC – Sergio Haros
  8. 6u TOC - Mike Yaomoto

Recent All-Stars and TOC News

PV 8U TOC 6/22

06/23/2017, 12:30pm PDT
By Sergio Haros

PV 8U wins 16-6 on 6/22. 

Christian Camacho pitched a scoreless inning for the save.  Lorenzo Haros pitched 2 inning allowing one run with 6 K's.  Diego Topete had 3 RBI's with 2 doubles, and Elijah Guterrez, Nolan Butcher, Jayden Harris, Lorenzo Haros each had 2 RBI's.


TOC semi-finals on 6/24

06/23/2017, 12:30pm PDT
By Mel Jacob

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PV Minors TOC 6/22

06/23/2017, 12:15pm PDT
By Oscar Cordero

PV Minors TOC wins 9-5 on 6/22.

Adrian Figueroa and Ethan Macias pitched combined for 11 K's.  Ethan Macias drove in 3 runs and Tyler Maula had 2 RBI's.